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SONY PlayStation 3 Ultra Slim Console 500 GB

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  • 899.00

Sony PlayStation 3: The PS3 is home to an impressive collection of critically acclaimed exclusive game franchises, like Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Killzone and God of War, while the Sony Entertainment Network keeps you connected with your online friends and offers a convenient digital storefront to help you expand your game library.The DualShock 3 controller's button layout is comfortable and familiar, with built-in rumble motors that provide tactile responsiveness and emphasize in-game impacts. The Sixaxis gyroscope allows supporting motion-controlled games to respond when you to tilt, twist and shake your controller.The benefits stretch far beyond the realm of gaming. Watch Blu-rays, stream video from the Internet, listen to music, surf the Web and more with this powerful all-in-one media center.

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